I don't remember the year the Mental Health Act was signed into law here in the Philippines.

There are organizations, establishments, and institutions, that offer paid services on mental health. While others offer free services. I read some articles there are groups offer free services but with payment.

Last year, one popular coffee shop offer(ed) a webinar on mental health as a frontliner.

Since the community quarantine started last year of March 2020 here in the Philippines, I personally do not know what to do.

And since last year, I have browsing online on private organizations, establishments, and institutions, that offer free mental health, but without payment. Why? I have a job, but, my job is not stable, where I work. An employee texted me that they would call me. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another reason is that I am looking an organization, establishment, or institution offering free services with no payment, because I can't because I can't afford to pay much.

I have a reason why I don't tell my family, because, I feel that they will use my mental health status against me.