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Welcome Traders! I'm that guy on TradingView that's been writing all those educational articles on trading... Well, thanks to popular demand I'm going to open up an online trading room called "Trade like a Pirate". We're going to have a lot of fun while claiming a lot of "booty"! 

I'll share with you, my fellow pirates, my methods of navigating the treacherous waters of the markets and give you access to my home-grown indicator that not only points out trading opportunities on the chart, but alerts us of potential trading opportunities so we don't have to be hovering over our computers all day. 

I love trading, I love teaching, and I love helping others, and I've been blessed that this is my third career in which I have had all three of those elements work together. 

Anyway, enough about me... I look forward to having you become a member of my "crew" and we can begin trading together three times per week! See you on Zoom!


PS: Take a look at my Extras page for some of my tools created especially for the trading community... the list keeps growing! 

Futures Backtesting Worksheet

Forex Backtesting Worksheet

Forex RSI TradeFinder Worksheet

...and More!

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Afternoon, Anthony your tradingview insights really helped me change my perspective as far as trading goes! Although what brought my attention was the backtesting video because I didn't knew how to, I was able to run into one of your popular concepts which was the (W.O.W) strategy. I'm definity exicted to take the time and get some good coaching in and learn through your eyes on how you see the markets and etc hopefully with me by passing the 1-hour zoom session for the month one instead shows a promising sign can't wait to hear from you soon!

Welcome aboard, Lukman! I just gave you access to the Sabre indicator and our video library. Have fun getting up to speed and we'll hit the ground running on Wednesday!