I had some organic arborio rice in the fridge that I made the other day, I threw in apple cider vinegar, nutritional yeast and a splash of cashew milk. It's really good, Sunday is always brunch. I am guessing you could add miso paste. I think food should be easy, none of this boiling agar agar. I don't even know what agar agar is. I think it's a thickener. I don't even care, I'm not making gum in my kitchen. Technically if you want to get fancy, it should be homemade cashew cream or even macadamia nut butter so it doesn't dye the egg yolk off yellow, something thick like an egg yolk lol is usually what makes the cake firm up...this Is a vegetarian blog excuse my French...lol. Even a dollop of coconut cream out of a can. (Look for non-BPA)

I tried to sprout this rice so it's raw, but it wouldn't. It is only certain types or brands of black rice that I've seen raw chefs sprout. I tried to sprout quinoa, didn't even work. Oh well.

Once in a while I do crave egg yolks, I sometimes buy them if local...organic...humane...if that's even true...with a small organic local farm, who names their chickens, yes it is true. That's why the eggs run $10.  I definitely would have a chicken coop and that chicken could hang out with the kids as a revolving friend, but I doubt my neighborhood would allow it. Even though the chickens would hatch eggs for the people... The other day I was walking around paths and parks wondering if I had a little silkie chicken, would he follow me around like a dog?

Pictures on vegan gluten-free sourdough toast***

Use organic raw apple cider vinegar from a glass bottle...as my suggestion. If liquid sits in plastic, I don't drink it. Glass, glass, glass, glass, glass. I'm trying to build a house! I have kept all the glass bottles over my entire life, so, there should be construction materials, right? Oh, I don't know maybe they're just props and set dressing for a scene I wrote set a glass house. **link

Anyways... If you really wanted to, you could puree the cooked rice so that it would truly look like an egg yolk. I don't really care about that, maybe someday when it's not a 95 degree heatwave over this Christmas in July season, too many Hallmark movies to watch. It is the B vitamins in the nutritional yeast...which is a cheese like powder in case you are not familiar. It's a pantry staple for me, inexpensive too, because I go crazy for cabot cheese if this stuff is not around. I usually get it from Hoosier Farm, nonsponsored. It expires in two years. Oh boy. Yeah right. I use these for recipes and think I replenish every month or two. Im not looking at the shopping receipts but I literally could. I probably overdose on nutritional yeast, you're probably supposed to have one tablespoon, I just throw it in recipes, I don't measure. The body will expel anything it doesn't need, its not gonna overabsorb vitamins. The cells and metabolism of the body are smarter than we are.

**label of all the b vitamin stuff. from nutr, yeast photos

I did a hemp cheese too. Hemp hearts, nutritional yeast, coconut oil, cashew milk maybe, sea salt maybe, water but not too much or it will be too watery, ACV.

Hemp hearts (hemp protein) and nutritional yeast.

It becomes like a nacho cheese dip consistently or a Tapenade spread, not a hard block of cheese. I'm not there yet, a cheese cabinet or cheese cloth. I just buy Treeline cheese for that...I think they age the cashews for two months. That cheese is divine! (non sponsored)

I tried Violife parmesan recently...it is amazing !! non-sponsored

It comes pretty close to the real Pecorino Romano...<salvate...faint> but I'm not eating cheese anymore. For the animals first who have no choice and second, for my heart and arteries. I don't think there would be enough soaked raw flax seeds to undo that damage, build up of plaque or whatever it is, the bad saturated fat cheese and dairy contains. After seeing that Gary Null animation on the cheese...the heart has a mini attack on itself. If I have a block of cabot cheese, just a block not the mongo block you'd get at costco, its devoured in a day, two tops. Either me or friends or cats or dogs, they like cheese cubes as treats. And so do people at art openings!! 

Well, if flax seeds are antidote to the poison, it would have to be found in nature next to the poison. I don't see any flax plants groing next to any chickens... lol! Not lol on their horrible conditions without sunlight or family, instincts or grass... There is nothing I can do about that. If poison ivy grows and it hits you, the antidote, a plant, is supposed to grow right nearby. But what is it?

The antidote is called jewelweed. I had to research this, my fact checker is gone. This looks very familiar though, I've seen this before. I was actually going to guess lady slipper. So I ask you, what is lady slipper's poison?

No cheating, no asking a friend, no internet search. Cinderella jokes? Maybe it's a prince. Maybe there is no poison! But nature has laws, there are no exceptions. It's like gravity. Maybe lady slipper is an exotic rare plant in the untouched wilderness, whose beauty is uncoveted by everyone except the lucky.

Oh please, I watch so many Hallmark movies, I could write one! Maybe I already am. Or be in one! They're now my favorite genre, only channel I am glued to. I just saw A Shoe Addict's Christmas and Open By Christmas. A few years ago over the real Christmas season, I think I watched 40 Hallmark movies. It was little exhausting, years after that I eased up a little bit, 12 maybe. I just imagine Hallmark has these prop closets the size of football fields open all year long for all the Christmas decorations!


I did binge watch season 9 of 90 Day Fiancé, wow. What if there was a show 6 Day Fiance?  I'm pretty speechless, cried every airport scene when they reunite after two years. But the conflict and the tears?? I always see the family predicts it ahead of tine, Thais father in Brazil was crying! And I think she evetually gets on a plane to return. And what is up with the brother, John? He seems like such a nice, sincere guy. If she isn't working and he has to pay for this luxe house, why is she complaining? Plus why didn't they pick a house with an in-law's apartment, if she is so mad John is living with them? What is John gets in another reality show someday? They'll make season 10, right? Why can't he go on trips around the world in hopes of finding that special someone... I've seen on YouTube "specific person" or SP. What does that even mean? I think it's weird. There's twin flame, soulmate but usually they're not the same person. 

The last episode, last sip single is the only one I haven't seen and it hasn't aired yet. I can't wait...I am rooting yes for Shai and Bilal...I can't believe he took her to his childhood home to test her love her first night in America! Very sneaky but a good thing to test materialism versus her true love! Very sneaky but a good thing. I am rooting for the Argentinean guy and the red head gal, yes. 

The others, I do not know. Sometimes I feel if the family doesn't approve at the beginning, like the sweet sisters of the fighter, the person should stay in his or her country with the family's opinion because the person has only have blind hindsight. I always feel bad for the family crying at the airport, like the fighter's family, they clearly don't want him to go but there's nothing they can do to stop him from getting on a plane.