Should we all stage fashion shows and the models will carry bags of rice instead of Channel's iconic bags? Will there be rice riots? There's never been a food shortage, and if there is, I don't have survival supplies. I have wild grapes, the leaves, a garden and if it goes into winter, I am sure I could somehow learn how to survive on pine cones alone or kale and collard greens which last into December. The thing to do is stock up on sunflower seeds, they sprout on paper towels or sprouting paper, in a dark cabinet. The thing to do is stock up on seeds, if anything happens, lettuce takes 2 or 3 weeks.

Plants never stop growing, I don't think there will be a food shortage!

What I'd be more worried about is loosing the water supply, if the sinks turned off. I'd have to climb down a trail, then down a cliff, which is what I did the other day to try to find a swimming beach. All it was, was desolate rocks for fishing. It was too steep to climb down. You're supposed to keep a supply of water in your house, I never did, and have one of those lifestraws so that you can drink out of any river or ocean. actually shows you where. It used to be just a map, now you have to create an account. y-y-y.

What I'd be afraid of is running out of coffee... I did hear someday it will be out along with cacao. I have artisan coffees from around the world. I tried skipping coffee, only lasted a day and a half.