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I'm trained as a marine biologist and my news feed is full of depressing stories about the oceans and wildlife, little of which I can do anything about. I've ended up just swiping past them all because I can't take the endless parade of depressing headlines and images, it upsets me too much.

I created to build what I wanted to see:

  • A balance between the bad eco-news and more optimistic news of potential solutions
  • Stories that tell me about some new scientific paper is in simple terms - with lots of pictures
  • Shorter news stories, social media has ruined my span of attention
  • Better context through bite-sized background information
  • All the main ocean stories in one place, not scattered around dozens of specialist websites
  • Some tips on taking action myself, what can I do personally about the story I've just read?
I want Ocean Desk to empower people to become informed and take action for our oceans. I don't have any clients since Coronavirus, so this is what I do all day now, plus study online courses so I can do it better.

– Jules Powis