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Yá’át’ééh! Hi, my name is O.C. and welcome to keeping me caffeinated! (Haha)

As a Diné Asdzáán, supporting family during pregnancy, birth, new parenthood, the kids as they grow, and making art is nothing new. It’s just life within a community that is rooted in K’é - kinship, relationships, family, and community. “Being a relative,” is also how I ground myself in my work as an Indigenous Full-Spectrum Doula, a Child Care Provider, and an Art Maker. My heart is with the people and communities that have grown me.

That said, doing this work for “a living,” is new to me. I’m now working with my first doula client, preparing to begin selling my art, and have only been a professional auntie for a few years now. This is all incredibly brand new - wobbly-newborn-foal-legs new. I’m figuring things out, especially financially and energetically, and that, my friends, is where you come in. :)

Your dollars will be used for COFFEE (Oh! My dear, lovely, sweet coffee!) to fuel the work, study, schlep, and hustle (as the kids say). And if there’s any $$ left over, it may also help with continuing education, books, resources, materials, supplies, printing, travel, and all that goes into being self-employed in community work under capitalism. So, yeah.

Thank you for all that you are able to give, for sharing this in your circles, and for being a sacred being in this chaotic world. Love you and appreciate you in your entirety (regardless if you can spare a 5spot or not, haha).

Ahéhee'! Thank you.

P.S. If you want to gift in other ways, consider:

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