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Thank you, CROpod supporters

Jul 26, 2022

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who has supported the show here over the past few months. It has certainly helped out with the new equipment I've had to grab as stuff I've been using for years now has decided on a route of self-obsolescence. Speaking of, let's take a moment to remember a great servant, the second CROpod Blue Snowball microphone.

RIP, King.

We can also welcome its replacement, this guy that was recommended to me by a friend who does audio stuff for a living and said it was a good buy.

Hopefully, it carries on just as well as its predecessors.

Also, congrats to supporter Bobbi Cairns who won the July supporters' raffle. He's going to get a little gift pack from Graeme and our friends over there at The Famous once they're back from summer holiday at the end of the month. We'll have another drawing coming up in August and all you have to do is have your name in the hat at either the Supporter or Member level here on my Buy Me A Coffee page. (Or be one of the legacy supporters over on Anchor.)

With most of the new equipment sorted, I hope now to get back to the plan to do some more expanded content. Our Watergate at 50 series with David and I has been a success and thank you to everyone who has reached out about the show. Plus, me and Todd are gonna keep revisiting our desert island more frequently. If you need to update your feed or find pretty much anything for the show, you can do that right here. Tell your friends.

So that's the update. We're closing in on 10 years now of something called the CROpod so I hope to put together a few special episodes in the buildup to that. A decade of this--ridiculous. And thanks again for all your support. If anyone is interested in sponsoring either the weekly show or any special series, you can find information on the Membership tab here or just email me: [email protected].

All the best.

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