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Hi, I'm Keaton. A software engineer with a passion for home automation and it's associated eco-system. I'm constantly looking for new and creative ways to make home automation more useful and ubiquitous in our everyday.

On that note I continue to write software, tutorials and guides that help take home automation to the next level. I love enjoying my work with others in the hopes that they find it useful and inspiring.

To everyone in the community who has inspired me, I sincerely thank you. You encourage me to continue to do what I love.

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It is a awesome, great tool. As soon as I have found it, I have implemented in my HA many times. Thank you for your work.

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This is just great work. Thanks

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This is awesome!! I have already implemented it in one node-red flow and looking to expand this to others. Thank you so much.

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Alexa Actions are a game-changer for my home automation strategy. Thanks for developing this!