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Moonlight Rescue

Dec 24, 2022

The eager upstart, Kirie, became arrogant as she accepted the emergency job given to a Guilder named Rogue. "A demon wreaking havoc on the Neo-LA Hypertrain station?" she taunted as she examined the mission briefing. "Looks way too easy." "Not so fast," Rogue stopped the young girl in her tracks. "Several things can and will go wrong while hunting a demon in the city. Don't even think about underestimating a demon's capabilities." The young blonde simply blew off her Guilder's warning and ran towards the subway.

In disbelief of Kirie's arrogance, Rogue slouched on the lounge as she heard a soft "woo" as she spots a man wearing sunglasses who revealed his reverse-mohawk hairstyle holding a carrying case holding a sword case on his left shoulder and a rather stylish fedora in his right hand. While he walks towards Rogue's booth the man puts the hat back on his head. "What brings you over here now, G10?" Rogue questions the man as she gives him a suspicious look. "Evening Amendiares-sama," G10 responds as he walks towards her placing the case on the empty table in front of her. "This is a gift from one Silverhand-Kun." "Johnny?" Rogue questions the sender of the gift G10 delivered to her. "That's the last name I wanted to hear ever since I got trapped in this world." Rogue thought to herself as she opened the case and saw a turquoise greatsword with a golden hilt. "If this is your idea of a joke Johnny, it damn sure wasn't funny."

"Oh," G10 said disrupting Rogue's thoughts for a moment. "Word on the street is that your freelancer's having a rough time against a demon she's been sent to put down." "She's what?" Rogue questions G10's report as she closes the case. "Send me her coordinates stat, I need to delta over there." "Yes, ma'am." G10 activates his headset that transmits Kirie's coordinates as Rogue sprints out of the nightclub with the sword case in tow.

As Rogue is rushing to the Hypertrain station, Kirie is firing her custom-made pistols at a female demon that advances towards her while it dodges her fire almost as soon as she pulls the trigger. Once the demon gets close enough, it tears through Kirie's ribs with its claws before slashing the left side of her upper back and swiping the right side of her face. Kirie could only scream in agony before she is kicked towards the stairs after the hellish mauling. The inhuman force is strong enough to keep the wounded girl from even kneeling to a vertical base, let alone standing on her two feet.

The only thing Kirie could do was try to cover up her wounds with her hands as her Guilder rushes down the stairs just to see the freelancer she hired wounded and near death as the demon slowly makes its killing approach. Noticing that the girl she hired is about to die at the hands of the demon, Rogue rips off her jacket and tosses it over the demon's head. Causing it to lose focus as she takes the sword out of the case and throws it at the distracted fiend. Noticing what appears to be far stronger prey in its eyes, the hellspawn begins to dash towards the wounded Kirie causing Rogue to jump from the stairs and cleave the demon with the now glowing blade. Upon believing that the sword's slash had no effect on it, the demon turns its attention to Rogue. But as the woman attempted to defend herself from the devil's claws, the monster's flesh began to disintegrate as its body began to tear apart.

Discovering the opportunity she created, Rogue picked up the wounded Kirie and left the defeated demon to fade into specks of moonlight in the now abandoned station. "I should have... listened to you Rogue," Kirie weakly told her Guilder as she is carried up to the streets of Neo-Los Angeles. "Save your strength Kirie," Rogue responded. "You can apologize after you recover."

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