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When Cancel Culture Goes Wrong Part 2

Feb 07, 2023

So, I bet you guys are wondering... What happened to Ron after Rangetsu and Sophia charged him with a one trillion dollar debt?

Seamus: Wait, did that white tiger get Ron abducted by loan sharks after Sophia billed him for the damages he caused during his crusade?

Ushijima is filling a shot glass with a hot sauce labeled "Mad Dog Liquid Fire" before Takada takes the filled shot glass and places it on the table before Ron who is sitting on his knees.

Me: Yep. And because his Twitter army wouldn't help him pay, he's about to learn a hard and extremely hot lesson regarding an old saying... Actions have consequences.

Takada sits on the couch across from the seated Megumi and Ezaki.

Bob: You don't mean...

Ushijima: Begin the Kawaii word game!

Ushijima: Momonga!

clap clap


clap clap

Megumi: Gasha!

clap clap


clap clap

Ezaki: Chiaki!

Ron: Wha...

clap clap


clap clap

Takada: Kitsune!

clap clap


clap clap

Ron: ESG!

Megumi: ESG's not cute.

Ron: WHAT!?

Takada: You didn't use a word that started with a ne- sound.

Ezaki: And you got disqualified for using acronyms instead of whole words, dumbass.


Takada picks up the glass of Mad Dog hot sauce and attempts to hand it over to Ron.

Takada: Chug it Ron.

Instead of taking the shot glass filled with hot sauce, Ron pulls out his cell phone.

Ron: I'm not gonna drink this who do you think I am, Jake Pa-

Ezaki: Hey!

Ezaki notices Ron taking a picture of him and his coworkers and jumps over the table causing Ron to back away before his phone gets snatched away from him.

Ezaki: Who do you think you are?

Takada: Are you trying to cancel us like you did so many other businesses?

Ezaki puts Ron in a chokehold without choking him while leaning his neck backward.

Ezaki: Listen up. Everyone you canceled and shut down was busting their fucking asses trying to put food on their tables and pay off their debts! Rather than shutting them down and making them starve to death, WHY DON'T YOU BE THANKFUL FOR THE FUCKING SERVICES THEY PROVIDE FOR ONCE!

Ezaki violently shakes Ron as he began to start choking the domestic terrorist that destroyed so many livelihoods.

Takada: You wouldn't be in this mess if you would have simply left the businesses you didn't approve of alone.

Ron starts gagging and gurgling as Ezaki tries to choke him out while shaking him.

Ron: Okay! Okay! I'll handle things your way!

After Ron caves, Ezaki releases his hold on him.

Ezaki: Then disband your Twitter army.

While Ron starts coughing, Ezaki walks back to the seat he jumped out of before Takada presents Ron with the glass of hot sauce prepared for him.

Takada: But first, chug this.

Horrified by Ezaki's outburst, Ron trembles as he takes the shot glass from Takada's hand and begins to drink glass's the contents, but before he could finish the glass he starts gagging again as he slams the glass back on the table. As Ron starts coughing Ushijima and the others start laughing at him as if they were taking a comical pleasure at his expense. When Ron grabbed an empty garbage can and vomits in it, the laughter became even louder in response.

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