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Adventures in Vernacular Spanish (Online Edition)



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Hola from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

My name is Paco Ojeda and I am the person behind Coffee & Headlines, our live morning broadcast on Facebook with news, headlines and stories for Puerto Vallarta's English-speaking Community, and it's companion website,

There are plenty of Puerto Vallarta-related resources for those who enjoy our destination as tourists. However, for the thousands of English-speaking folks that call Puerto Vallarta home—seasonally or year-around—the tips and information on how to best enjoy the destination as a local are not as plentiful, and some of the more established publications have to constantly juggle their editorial priorities with their advertising ones.

I've chosen to go keep my website advertiser-free, because it gives me the ability to write about topics that are important to you and help small entrepreneurs who are just getting started with their business, to spread the word around about their products or services, without them having to pay for expensive advertising.

All the show notes from the morning broadcasts are re-purposed into a FREE weekly newsletter sent out every Sunday afternoon.

In addition to the morning broadcasts, we feature several regular features, including Taco Tuesdays, where we explore new taco stands and eateries on most Tuesdays, and Walking Wednesdays, where we go and explore a different neighborhood of the city, on most Wednesdays.

Needless to say, creating stories that include my own photography, video production, and so forth, is a time-consuming enterprise. That's where you, as a viewer, come in! 

By supporting my endeavors, you empower me to keep the morning broadcasts coming, along with all the other features we mentioned above, all in the hope to better connect you with our city, our country, and our culture.

You can choose to buy me coffee as many times as you want, or become an ongoing supporter through a monthly or annual payment!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for any support you can provide! I'm presently developing ways to better serve you as a supporter with special perks developed just for you. Please stay tuned!

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