I'm going talk about the five top ways to get clients as a new real estate business.

Number five on my list is craigslist and a lot of people underestimate craigslist which it's very surprising to me and that just means that there's a whole bunch of leads to be made from that platform so what i would do i would go on craigslist i create a post.

My main strategy was to convert renters into buyers for you guys know that there's a lot of people that are looking to rent and craigslist is the main place where renters are searching for a property you know a place to rent so my thing would be my title would be something like: "um why rent when you could buy" and then i have a picture of a nice house or a reasonable house in our area and then in the description i would put like two short paragraphs explaining why buying is way better than renting how you can gain equity value in a property instead of just making your landlord richer.

I will just go deep into detail about that and talk about if you're paying 800 to 1200 a month then you could be able to qualify for a mortgage you may be able to do that so i would just touch on that. I would put my information at the bottom and i would get calls literally a few hours later it was insane and i highly recommend you guys try it out, i actually had some people try it and they told me they had results from it.

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