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$86 of $1000 goal reached!

I will quit my job

I like to develop things (mostly useless). Check my GitHub: Projects: I like coffee. And I don't have a fulltime job.

Some of my friends advised me to create this page and add the link to it to the GitHub page. Well, let's see if there are someone who would like to buy me some coffee :)

I've created an Instabot and developing the Gram Up
Reach me on Twitter:

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Created a Telegram bot that gives free Instagram likes

Mar 26, 2020

Hi there! Thanks for buying me a coffee!

I just drunk a lot of coffee and created the Telegram bot that cat give you FREE INSTAGRAM LIKES from real people. Just send the link to any post and your likes will be there soon. Really useful if you want to boo... see more

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Nov 26, 2019

We fixed a lot of features of our free Instagram automation tool Gram up! Now you can continue to run scripts for free in your browser! Woo hoo!

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imagine_moi bought a rented apartment.

I can't wait to try !😊 

Matheus bought a rented apartment.
Someone bought a rented apartment.


@petershootsphotos bought a rented apartment.

You the man!! Keep doing this!!

thanks! Love it!

rachit bought a rented apartment.

love you



$86 of $1000 goal reached!

I will quit my job