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What did your coffees buy?

Apr 13, 2022

Hi everyone, I mostly post on Twitter (https://twitter.com/OleksandraZubal) but let me give a report here as well.

Your coffees have bought our soldiers:

  • knee pads

  • tactical gloves

  • emergency tourniquets

  • first aid kits (full with tactical med)

  • Celox (bleed stop)

  • gas mask + filter kits

  • hazard protection suites

  • holsters and rifle accessories

  • earphones for the use with heavier weapons

  • a truck to move military things around (functioning well for a couple of weeks in the war zone)

  • bulletproof vest (but they were unable to send so I've received a refund)

  • body bags


  • additional emergency tourniquets (the best ones πŸ™ŒπŸΌ, CAT Gen-7)

  • medication of different kind (Ibuprofen, anti-burn, indigestion, different pads and bandages for the use in hospitals, antibiotic ointment)

  • night vision binoculars

  • in-and-out wound bandages

  • Israeli bandages

  • additional first aid kits

  • drone!!!

  • cloths (thermal cloths, sport socks)

  • camping food (very useful in the war areas)

  • backpacks (on their way)

  • thermal blankets

  • more Celox

  • a teddy rabbit for Emilia :)

Total spendings (this also includes money donated on paypal: [email protected])

~$6500 (191 018 UAH)

I have a spreadsheet where I track all the ingoing and outgoing transactions so I know precisely (gotta get a degree in accounting afterwards ))).



P.S. Right now I have 80 UAH (~$2.7, yes, around three dollars) on my account (I also spend my personal funds to support our Army) πŸ˜‚ But I am grateful that I keep earning the money at my regular job because thanks to our brave Ukrainian Armed Forces I can wake up each morning.

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