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I want to make life easier for Spanish teachers and learners. I have been teaching myself graphic design and typography for around a year and try to create beautiful and functional resources. I'm most proud of Boletín, a weekly newsletter for A Level Spanish teachers (image above). I've set up this buymeacoffee account to cover my costs in terms of paying for Adobe Creative Cloud monthly as well as the ocassional font/graphic here and there for Boletín.

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Wonderful and thanks for sharing Ollie! Super buenos todos tus materiales.🤗

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Gracias Ollie. Such a great Volver resource

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So ridiculously generous! Thanks Ollie!!

Thank you Sally :)

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Thank you so much for all your resources. You are incredibly generous.

Thank you Karen!

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Many thanks from a (very) mature student going it alone for A-level!Un abrazo fuerte