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Welcome to the OmniPresent! You can now buy me a coffee!

On this website we will be providing information for each of the rooms hosted by the OmniPresent Club, including but not limited to the following Rooms and topics:

Mindful Meditation Group - 24 hours a day.

Mandela Monday's - The Mandela Effect - Weekly on Monday's at 8pm EDT

Emergency Preparedness 101 - Be Prepared Not Scared - Weekly on Tuesdays at 8pm EDT

Ham Radio 101 - Bi-weekly on Wednesday's at 8pm EDT

Saturated Earbuds - Live Clubhouse Karaoke - Weekly on Friday's at 8pm EDT

The Bare Peach Fiddle Hour with Luka - Weekly on Saturday's at 3pm EDT

Rendezvous Robin's gardening tips, healthy soil, freeze drying tips and more!

Cyber Security 101 - Weekly on Sunday's at 8pm EDT

Learn more about our Privacy-as-a-service Product we discuss during Cyber Security 101.

- Guided Chakra Meditations
- The Law of Attraction
- The Law of Love
- The Law of Frequency
- Manifestation
- Breaking News
- and much more content!

- We provide a daily "Boots on the Ground" Situational Report provided by Southern Prepper 1 daily to your e-mail. The audio in this daily Situational Awareness Report is from a consolidation of notifications from people around the US and the World that Dave reviews, vets and then creates a audio/video presentation on all the reports that can fit into a 20 minute digest.

In my honest opinion this is one of the greatest intelligence reports you can listen to daily in order to have complete situational awareness of what is occurring in near real-time in the United States

Thank you for your support, we greatly appreciate you!

- Jeff Liford


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