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Welcome to the On Canada Project page! 

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On Canada Project is source for critical, credible, and compassionate information that serves as a starting point for many Canadians who are looking to engage in discussions about the future of our country. We want to keep our content free, accessible and authentically OCP, which is why we're looking for support from community members, such as yourself, to help us sustain this grassroots initiative turned ✨social enterprise✨. 

Everyone who contributes to the On Canada Project's Buy Me a Coffee will receive the exact same benefits and perks - regardless of how much you contribute. Please financially contribute whatever you can and know that we sincerely appreciate each and every dollar given to us by our community 🥰. 

Your contribution will directly help (1) Support our volunteers for their labour-intensive efforts in bridging the gap between what we need to know and what is easily accessible in the Canadian context; (2) Contribute to Professional Development and operating costs/tools (ex. Zoom, Canva, project management and messaging software, etc.); (3) Improve access to our community and help drive our content; (4) Keep On Canada Project free and accessible to all 

Here is why we do what we do 

The On Canada Project is a passion project turned Social Enterprise with the goal of equipping Millennials and Gen Z with the knowledge and resources needed to disrupt the status quo – because let’s be honest, the world is a hot mess express right now! We’re in the midst of a climate emergency 🌎🔥, we’ve got a stupid amount of billionaires 🤑💰, but somehow we still haven’t solved world hunger🍴, our corporations might have more power than our governments, not to mention that the alt-right is mobilizing, fundraising, and organizing way better than the rest of us, and it shows. The status quo has got to go. 

Also, what is it with Canadian thinking that we’re so much better than Americans? We have so many of the same issues here that our American cousins have! And even if there are areas where we do rank slightly better than our American cousins, shouldn’t we strive to be the country with the highest happiness index, with all our human rights and basic needs being met? 

Look, maybe it’s because many of us on the project are children of immigrants, but shouldn’t the goal be to strive for a better country that works for all of us? We’ll tell you what our immigrant parents always say - it’s not good enough to just get an A, you have to get an A+ — and to be honest, even with all this wealth, can we even really say we’re getting an A Canada🤔?

So how do we disrupt the status quo🤯? The first step is getting on the same page and making sure we can all participate in conversations about the future of our country and world. You shouldn’t need a PhD to engage in conversations about the future of our country🧐. After all, it is going to take all of us, from people with certificates and diplomas to PhDs and post-docs, to center folks with lived experiences and build a fairer, more just world for us all. 

That’s really what we’re trying to do here at OCP, we’re trying to bridge information gaps🤝🏽 and invite more people into conversations 💬 by using a conversational and compassionate tone to bring a credible and critical lens to the issues that matter the most right now. 

We know that knowledge is power and our goal is to put the power back in your hands ✊🏽

Because remember, an informed demographic is a mobilized one! 

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