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Life is sometimes difficult, but even so, it is always possible to find inner peace. Our podcast co-hosts Chris & Missy cover topics of daily living which cause us stress and anxiety, guiding us on how to change our perspective and to learn how to live in the moment.

Chris is a national speaker, author, and counselor for more than 20 years. He is the founder of Lifesjourney Life Coaching, LLC, providing life coaching, business coaching/consultation, and keynote speaking focused on improving one's inner-life, encouraging us to live in the moment to find our inner peace. 

Missy is a coach, an author, and founder of The Phoenix Program, helping you shift your perceptions and be reborn to share your greatness with the world. 

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On Finding Peace is independently recorded, edited, published, and produced. From social media to editing 'ums' out of the audio version or adding graphics to the video version, every aspect of On Finding Peace is created without professional staff.

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Your donations directly support the work of our co-hosts that make up the On Finding Peace team.