Life Drawing online is getting incredibly popular. A recent article in The Guardian connects this phenomena to the increased need for online social and creative outlets due to the pandemic. Our Tuesday sessions have only recently gone public and are still quite small ... however ... it would be so wonderful to get more into our group as there is definitely lots of room in an online studio! :-) The article talks about groups of 200 - whoa!

Perhaps this is one of those watch-what-you-ask-for moments since the advantage of our small groups is we can interact more easily with each other and even sometimes show our work to other participants and have discussions. That said, I would consider it a champagne problem to be viral and have to split the group into multiple nights because it is too big for zoom ha ha!!!

I do think I now have the technical and infrastructural details sorted for a bigger group and that I am now ready to have larger sessions. So ... my call to action is ... please help me get there by sharing as broadly as you can!

Thank you!