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Online Sequencer is a music making tool and community. I originally developed the site in one weekend during a college break because I was bored. Several years later it somehow receives around 10,000 visits every day, with a million and a half songs created in total! It's still just a hobby that I work on in my spare time, so any coffee contributions would be greatly appreciated.
No... you're awesome!
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This is great!!! I just found a new way to capture ideas when they pop into my head! Have a coffee!

Mr. Magicman
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I almost gave up on music entirely. I wasn't gonna continue, but OS helped get back into the groove of it. Because of OS being that root for me, I've room to grow and expand my musical skills. I've actually taken the time to learn the things I've wanted to learn. Thank you. <3

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This is one of the niche things on the internet that bring people hours of joy.

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So easy to use your site is amazing. Just found it yesterday. God bless.