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Online Sequencer is a music making tool and community. I originally developed the site in one weekend during a college break because I was bored. Several years later it somehow receives around 10,000 visits every day, with a million and a half songs created in total! It's still just a hobby that I work on in my spare time, so any coffee contributions would be greatly appreciated.
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my ban on onlinesequencer represents the end of an era on the internet i don't want to come back, i decided that the day i got banned but the site did a part in shaping me into who i am today, for better or for worse and i thank you all for that.

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visit this nearly every day. i have way too many sequences yet OS provides a way for me to chill and get ideas out of my head, even if most of them are absolute shite x

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Thanks once again !!!

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What a great tool ! Thank you.