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Online Sequencer is a music making tool and community. I originally developed the site in one weekend during a college break because I was bored. Several years later it somehow receives around 10,000 visits every day, with a million and a half songs created in total! It's still just a hobby that I work on in my spare time, so any coffee contributions would be greatly appreciated.
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I've been using Online Sequencer for at least four years now, maybe longer - it's always been a fun and useful. But lately I've just been astounded by how many features or instruments I've privately wished for that have ended up being added in. You deserve at least a coffee per belated anniversary, thanks for sharing your amazing tool!

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I've recently started making music and online sequencer is actually a godsend, its so easy to use and I cant believe its free to use, thank you so much for making it and i hope you plan to keep it around for many years to come!! Also i clicked on both your names and only just now see that George isnt even a real person hahahaha

Joey (Mr.H)
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Thank you for this service! My district bought chromebooks and expected me to teach a music through technology class! This program has really helped me and my students grow during the pandemic. They are competent in music sequencing thanks to your work.Thank you! ( I'm sorry to not donate more. The school is not paying for any services at the moment and this is what I can spare).

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