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Online Sequencer is a music making tool and community. I originally developed the site in one weekend during a college break because I was bored. Several years later it somehow receives around 10,000 visits every day, with a million and a half songs created in total! It's still just a hobby that I work on in my spare time, so any coffee contributions would be greatly appreciated.
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i bai u a kaffy

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Thanks for making this site.  I play in a band and use the site often to work out drum beats with my drummer.  Been using it for a while now but only realized you had a "buy me a coffee" link today, so here's 5 coffees to make up for that lost time.  Don't drink them all in one day!

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Idk what to say, I've been a part of OS for almost 2 years, it's been a journey, here's 5 dollars now give me VIP

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