Hello World, after I published Identity V Survivors Pack for PM & NPC in Garry's Mod Steam Workshop, although it didn't reach the top first page of Gmod Steam Workshop, but at least it got a lot of positive feedback that encourage me to continue this project,

So I created this buymeacoffee account as another option to get support from IDV fan who using Gmod or other game(possibly VRChat, SFM) that I plan to do in the future,

from now on this site will be place where I post about incoming work in progress update of IDV Gmod Steam Workshop, which character/costume I currently working on and you also can suggest which IDV character/costume you want me to be first priority.

Start with a recently Optimization of Gardener Ghost Girl Costume which completely replace in-game old design as December 23rd, 2021, so that mean any player who owned or encounter this costume in game would never see Ghost Girl old design again,

but fortunately Ghost Girl old design costume already in my IDV Gmod pack cause I port her into Gmod before IDV Optimization

In the next update of IDV Gmod pack, her new design will be add, along with other skin such as As the Wind Blows that you see in the picture and a bunch of character/costume that release before Season 20 Essence 2

The next update expect to be release around May-June 2022

Thank you for support and apologize for my grammatical error LOL.