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Another Rant

Mar 18, 2022

Some people think they can turn a phrase
some do it a million different ways
but it all seems the same these days
and people still turn it into a craze...

Tiktok'n and youtube'n has made anyone a star
buying these silly kids a house and a car
making them rich and more bizarre
fame fast, then no one remembers who you are...

Then there's others who seek just a piece
for me, not much, recognition at the very least
the demons are what I try to appease
while trying to get some inner peace

I made my mind into a maze
made up of stairs and hallways
keeping them busy in any case
while i prepare the next phrase

Let em out but not too far
inner wounds that never scar
seeking to be on the radar
feeling like it's always below par...

Gets frustrating when it's hit or miss
making sure not get on the blacklist
say what you want but with a twist
my demons help make me a specialist

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