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Take a Seat...

Take a Seat...

Mar 18, 2022

It just kept coming, faster and faster
wasn't happy till it made something shatter
always off tilt, can't find my center
code red, abort, caution, danger...

I don't know the answer
so I'm going to take shotgun, now passenger
let someone else take my place as driver
before things can go any further...

Bad news, I'm afraid I'm the bearer
no longer in my place, stuck at the border,
the ship has sailed, time to plunder
I cant beat em might as well fill the chamber...

No white flag, ill never surrender
Ill go down fighting with nothing but a hammer
Always having to fight both angel and monster
learned to trust my demons over the book-taught liar...

I'm not giving in to the anger
It was always there as a remainder
Didn't ever matter
whether liquor or powder

I'll just let go and be a happy camper
sitting backseat taking the friendly wager
do you understand or do I need to make it clearer
I think it's time for the other to take over...

It's heading for a disaster
Now I'm lying on the ground, get out the marker
Was it self inflicted or was it murder
I think I'll have to look within to find the killer...

But don't you worry, things are always polar
and I'll put things back in some kind of order
these are just things that play, you know, theatre
a little bit of End Of The World sprinkled with glitter

The truth and the lies are all bitter
when it comes to myself, heavy hitter
when it comes to myself, it's never singular
I've got the bases loaded, I'm the pitcher and batter.

No need for extras in this full-length feature
I've got a full cast and I'm the director.

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