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Hi there supporters 👋
A hands on graphic designer from the 80's, photography and design were a huge part of my long buried old school creative life.
2020 - when the 'world changed', so did I - heading back to 'school' and completing my Cert 4 in Visual Arts.
2021 saw me fine tune my skills, completing my Diploma in Photography and Photo Imaging plus a Diploma of Holistic Creative Therapy.
2023 will see me completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts with the University of Canberra. Being closer to retirement age than young student, THIS, is a huge step and life choice; a believer to always be extending and evolving ourselves, no matter what our age.
So my recently renewed enthusiasm will continue to be crazily exploratory with bodies of work embracing various medias, photography and artworks; my website and art sites ( all listed here, ) remaining a consistent and seamless way to showcase and share.

We all have itchy feet now after our very strange two years, so I will also be introducing others to the world of art and photographic creativity with workshops, challenges and adventures both in Australia and worldwide. Travel really opens your eyes to a bigger universe, both as a photographer and visual artist; greatly enhancing the way we see the world, and increasing the drive, a motivating course, to share that vision with others. Look out for them - let's explore together! 
So, armed with the primitive, but reliable workhorses - a Canon 7D and Vann, my good ole trusty Toyota campervan, some paints and charcoal... alongside a love of 'what's down that road' adventure, I will also continue to hit the open road as often as possible and discover, photograph, draw and interpret what the world out there has to show.
Cheers to creating many undiscovered footprints ahead - every venture filled with fresh encounters and insight. 
And, if there's something you like, please support an Aussie creative - join me on an adventure, invest in an image from any of my bodies of work, hire me to create an image just for YOU; all allows me to continue creating!
Or, buy me a juice - they keep me well nourished. :)

Appreciation always, Ann :D