It's always an exciting joy when someone else views your work, and pops it into their curation.
I have been with Bluethumb for just over a year. It sells Australia artist's art pieces; we can display (advertise) for free, then they take their commission when (if) it sells.
A fairly safe way to present our work really. Online, no upfront costs.
Marketing is still to be done to send our clients in their direction. Hopefully, the potential client sticks then with our profile, but of course they can be lured onto other artists. There is INCREDIBLE work on show there, so it makes it all the more special when a piece of mine, is chosen.
In my time with them, I have been picked for five curations - only the 'last 4' stay on our profile, though of course the pieces are still searchable.
A goal, to get at least one more before year's end. :)
My profile can be found at BlueThumb Ann Parrott.
Go check it out. Support a creative if you like something too. Definitely appreciated. :)