When chosen as part of a curation by an art gallery it's a wonderful honour, anytime it happens. Starting art as a 'career' in the more mature ages of life, is incredibly exciting.
They chose the image 'Nature's Curtains in a Breeze' from my own personal curation 'Landscape Whispers'. An actual fave of mine - both in the experimental land of ICM shooting and, the results.

LOVE being a 'Late Bloomer' :) #neverTooOld right!

Meet the Late Bloomers Riding Their First Wave in the Art World

Young at heart and wise beyond their years, we've curated a selection of our favourite artists who started later in life. This talented line-up of artists will be sure to inspire you to follow your passions, no matter your age.

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And, thank you Bluethumb - Home of Australian Artists