How to Get More Mileage Out of Your Book ...

How to Get More Mileage Out of Your Book

Jun 10, 2021

It takes a great deal of effort and time to write and publish a book, so you should make sure you get the most mileage out of it. Here are a few simple things you can do to get more out of your published book and increase your income as a result. 

Repurpose Your Book

Repurposing involves taking content and altering it in some way so that it’s different enough to be used again. This could mean changing the content or the format. You can take your book or parts of it and repurpose the content into another format to get more out of it.

 You can take extracts from your book to turn into blog posts, social media content, or short videos. Summarize the book into one compact blog post. For example, if it offers 10 traffic methods, create one blog post that briefly touches on each of the 10, with an author bio that says the book explains each in more detail. The idea is to take content you’ve written and reuse it in a creative way. 

Start a Series

Turn the book into the first part of a series. Is there a natural next step a reader would take after finishing it? Or is there another similar topic that makes a logical Part 2? Maybe there’s some part you can expand into a whole other book. You can ask your readers to get ideas. 

When you have a series, it’ll lead to more sales of each volume in the series. It’s only natural that if you read the first book, you’ll want to read the next. 

Attract Clients

Use your book as a calling card to get new clients. For example, if you offer SEO services, send around copies of your book on the basics of keyword research. The content shows your expertise and inside there’s a blurb about how you offer high-quality professional services. This is a great way to show what you can do and attract clients. 

Create a Course

Turn your book into a course that you can sell online. Each chapter can be one session of the course. Reformat the material so that it’s in the form of steps, bullet points, learning exercises, templates, and so on. One way to do this is to use the book itself as an outline for you to run the sessions or make videos. 

Interview Experts

Find influential experts in your industry whom your audience would like to hear from. Offer to interview them in exchange for them interviewing you. You’ll both be exposed to each other’s audiences and the interviews will help to solidify your expertise, as well as offer another way for people to find out about your book. 

Speak at Local Events

Join your local Chamber of Commerce and get speaking engagements in your area. Take topics from your book that you can teach members of the local business community. As a published author, you are an authority on your topic. Public speaking can also help you further establish your credibility as an author. 

Always have your book handy and constantly look for ways you can use it to raise your profile and bring new people into your orbit. 

Do you want to learn more about promoting and marketing your business book? Check out my course, Market Your Business Book, which teaches you the A to Z.

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