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Meet Miguel and Sonja Ramirez:
We are a couple that come from similar backgrounds but are polar opposites.
We both came from broken homes. Sonja grew up with a single mother and Miguel Ramirez grew up with a single father. Growing up in the hood we had some experiences that could have taken us both on the wrong path but instead we made the decision to do the total opposite.
Through trials and errors we learned that our associations will help us or hurt us. We learned that leaders are readers especially when you put the knowledge into activity.
After our individual transformations, God decided that we must meet.
About Opposites Attract Podcast:
Today we have been married for 13 incredible years and have two amazing beautiful children. Some of our friends refer to us as the Mexican fairytale but this did not come without many challenges and obstacles. We have learned to agree to disagree and to always come from love and respect. Words can speak life or speak death.
We have learned that we must continue to grow as a couple as well as individuals. We have learned to break free from shackles of debt and keeping up with the Joneses isn't all it's cracked up to be. Having self discipline is true freedom and healing begins with mindfulness and facing hard truths.
Our Mission :
Here at Opposites Attract Podcast we share our lives with our listeners. We share our highest of highs and lowest of lows in hopes that we will inspire someone to keep fighting, keep dreaming and keep pushing forward because everything you have been looking for is within your grip!
We also focus on bringing the best of the best experts and guest to help us all live the life that was created for us and becoming our best self.

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