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Hi there, Katie here.  I am a Tarot Reader & Online Content Creator, based in Australia. Here, I sell Digital and Printable Journals, Planners, Stickers and various Tarot readings of which you can find out more by clicking the link above ( Pick a card reading or Extras 1) -  and/or by visiting my Etsy store. I created this Buymeacoffee page as a way for you to follow or support me on my Tarot journey, OR to book a reading with me! ✨ Various Tarot reading available such as Romance, Card of The Day Blind Reading and What do I need to know today Readings and many, many more!   ✨ 72 hour delivery ✨ Text reading which is emailed to you ✨ Answer to a specific question or a general energy reading.  My readings are ethical which means that I have YOUR best interests in mind and the goal of these readings are to help empower you and provide guidance. No medical/health/fertility/pregnancy/legal/third party readings.