Welcome to our recital from Vilnius University St. John's church. Tonight's program is especially exciting, featuring works by Mozart, Demessieux, Lehenbauer, Mankell and improvisation. Please click on the video to check the local time of the premiere.


1. Fantasia in F Minor, KV 608 for organ duet by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Vidas and Ausra)

2. 7 Dances from Braunsberg-Oliva Tablature (Ausra)

I. Tantz (No. 52)

II. Paduana (No. 58)

III. Galliarda (No. 59)

IV. Tantz (No. 152)

V. Tantz (No. 97)

VI. Tantz (No. 116)

VII. Tantz (No. 153)

3. Alle Menschen müssen sterben (Chorale Partita Improvisation) (Vidas)

4. A Mighty Fortress Suite by Phil Lehenbauer (Vidas)

I. Fanfare

II. Meditation

III. March

5. Chorale Preludes on Gregorian Chant Themes, Op. 8 by Jeanne Demessieux (Ausra)

Rorate caeli

Attende Domine

Hosanna Filio David

6. Fantasie in C Major for Organ Duet by Gustaf Adolf Mankell (Vidas and Ausra)

I. Allegretto moderato

II. Allegrettto

III. Fuga. Allegretto moderato

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