Hey guys welcome, I am moving away from my patreon platform and offering something different! Buy me a coffee :) honestly as a priestess of dominadora I loveeeeeeeee me some coffee. I want you to know what you are getting into before you sign up! So here is the VIP package in detail.

  • 30% off code for shopping and readings per month. 

  • Access to unreleased content (astrological signs / predictions - video)

  • 4 Healing Journal Prompts per month 

  • 1 Healing Homework Assignment per month 

  • 1 Community Healing Reiki Session per month 

  • You help me plan my content for social media for the month

  • 1 Zoom Wine Down Per Month (Healing Space)

Please be driven to complete your healing homework in a timely manner so you can keep up with the pace of things.