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The Oslo Desk (TOD) is at the frontline for immigrants and internationals by giving them a voice. We are constantly challenging the biased coverage in the Norwegian media landscape on immigrants and help facilitate access to information.

Our journalistic approach sets us apart from other mainstream media, and we can say that we are the first English-speaking newsroom that puts diversity, systemic root causes, intersectionality and constructive journalism in focus.

We built the table for diverse voices to join the colourful conversations so that we can seek impactful progress.

By supporting us and/or becoming a member, you share our positive and inclusive outlook supporting the full diverse international community in Norway and elsewhere :)

What we do?

We are journalists and storytellers bringing you inspiring and hard-hitting stories relevant to immigrants and internationals living in Norway. We write in-depth reports on challenges that minorities face when Norwegian academia failed to do so. We support minority-owned businesses by highlighting their work.

Our mission is global but grounded in Oslo, a city with Norway’s largest immigrant population. Our staff, volunteers and partners are all internationals or are Norwegian with a minority background. We work to remove barriers for people of colour or those who are immigrants to access media channels and to tell their stories.

Why now?

Media outlets in Norway are in the hands of a few powerful media groups. There is a lack of journalists with a minority background in the industry and there isn’t equal representation in the media. A 2018 study found that of 12000 articles, only 2% had a source that was a person with a minority background. Media representation in Norway is not only problematic but also does not fulfil the basic principles and values of journalism – a true representation and reflection of our multicultural society.

Our core values
At The Oslo Desk, we believe that

(1) all immigrants should have access to vital information and rights,

(2) media should do no harm by being consciously aware of their biased narrative, and strive for peacebuilding to minimise polarisation,

(3) newsrooms should strive for representation to aim for excellence in journalism reporting/storytelling,

(4) facilitate an international workplace for journalists of colour and women of colour,

(5) facilitate educational workshops and training for civic participation, media literacy; and collective trauma and healing, and

(6) maintain editorial independence, and fight against social injustice and racial discrimination.

What is buy me a coffee?

We are not literally asking you to buy us coffee, it is a friendly metaphor for supporting our journalism work. A cup of coffee is US$5 which is roughly equivalent to 45kr or 4GBP or 4euros.

What do you get by becoming a member?
- Discounted workshops and training.
- Discounts on our services.
- Exclusive invites to our launch parties and gatherings.
- First priority in handling your press releases.
- First priority for those who own their own podcast or show, and as members to be featured on our platform.
- And be part of our community in helping us investigate cases that hit immigrants the hardest - We want you to be with us.

Why is the currency in USD?
The Buymeacoffee platform has certain currencies that one can set. Unfortunately, they don't have it in NOK.

If you are resident in Norway and have access to VIPPS, you can make a one-off donation to #611485. Remember to type 'donation' in message. With this route, we won't be able to contact you personally to say thank you and have you on our email list. So reach out to us at [email protected].

How can I make a one-off donation?
There are two tabs - Membership and Support. Click on Support, and that will lead you to make a one-off donation by counting the coffees you would like to send our way.

Why don't you use Patreon?
The answer is simple. Buy me a coffee allows both monthly and one-off payments. Check out this article that dives in deeper:
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