It's hard to think that even in this day and age, some of us cannot be completely honest to those we love about our path and craft. Unfortunately, this is true for many of us. I was one of these witches, hiding, or rather merely not telling my family that I had decided to follow my path. It was over a year later that they found out when I said that I wanted to go to a metaphysical store while on holiday. Everyone can't tell others, but I hope this will help you find the courage or the way.

If you feel that you can tell your loved ones about your faith, path, or choice of lifestyle but fear that they will denounce it or call it evil, perhaps try to explain it. Use similes in more mainstream religions if this may help. E.G. while Christians and Catholics worship God in a church, nature is our church. Sometimes, fear and misconceptions happen when there is a lack of knowledge. Sometimes, though, this is simply impossible, be it because they do not understand or because you simply feel this is not possible. So here are some ways I found to hide my more obviously witchy things.


Plain Sight: I like to collect things, just so happened that those items are skulls and gems and other things I can use in my craft. I have a small corner on my desk where I display my altar items. To unknowledgeable people, they are simple trinkets. I also create intention coasters which I use to manifest my desired result through my drinks.


Books: This is not something I've done personally but, you can buy patterned book covers (Like the library plastic covers). I also used to buy clear contact paper for my school book. However, you can buy these in patterned paper and simply paste them to your books.


Ritual Space: If you're like me, you live with nosey family members or family who doesn't like closed doors because it doesn't let natural light in. You'll need a quiet space to do your spell and ritual work. Start taking long walks or drives to remote areas where you can set up and perform spells in peace. If this is not possible, then remember, you don't necessarily need all the candles and fancy ritual items to cast a successful spell. Meditating on an intention is enough most of the time and some things you can add to your daily life. You can perform cleansing rituals by brushing your hair, walking in the rain or even taking a shower.


Altar: Travel altars are the best thing, even when you can talk about your craft. A small painted (or not) mint tin or a small travel pouch are perfect ways to hide your small candles, tiny jars and herbs and such. You can pull it out whenever you need, great for on the go too.


Book of Shadows: This one is a little easier. Most witches are the creative types, and surely have notebooks or sketchbooks. Have one or two of these dedicated to your craft. I personally prefer to have one dedicated to spells and one for research. I simply place mine with the rest of my 25 some notebooks (I can't help it, I love notebooks).

Another option is downloading free Witchcraft Apps, some of my favourites are Moon Phases, Wicca, Runes, Herbarium Wicca, and Wiccan and witchcraft Spells. Otherwise, consider making a digital grimoire, I personally highly suggest this as it also makes it super easy to travel with.


Divination: Did you know that you can use playing cards in place of a Tarot Deck? I have never done this, but I have seen various blogs on the subject, worth a google. Reading playing cards is an art of its own, but there are excellent guides out there. You can also use any necklace/pendant as a pendulum. I reckon you could also use an earring or add an earring to a string or chain.


I hope these tips help you in some way. If you have any advice for our closeted friends, please write them in the comments below.