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Hiya! Chlo here.

While I enjoy writing reviews and walkthroughs of my fav. Otome visual novels at my own pace, this website is not sponsored by any company nor being funded by anyone other than myself.

Tips are NOT necessary, but any little help counts to keep this website active. I plan to continue writing reviews, walkthroughs, and news about the games I am very passionate about, particularly in the Otome genre.

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Aimikomi bought 5 catnips.

I am one of those that always prefer to use walkthroughs to play through Otome games because it is easier that way for me😆 I must thank you for making the walkthroughs for all the ones that have been localized and really hope you will continue to make them for all the upcoming localized ones! 😄

Hi Aimikomi! Thanks for stopping by and for these good quality catnips! <3 I appreciate it, and I'm so glad my walkthroughs were able to help you complete your games easily! ^^ You bet there'll be more walkthroughs to come (esp for the upcoming switch games this year)... Take care! 😘

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I love your blog! Whenever I need a new info for english otome game or a walkthrough, I will go to your blog!

Thank you so much for your support and for these quality catnips!! 😍 ❤️ I appreciate this! Take care! & Stay safe!

@AtomiccLiz bought 5 catnips.

Thanks to all your walkthroughs, I've been able to complete my otoges and the CGs! The first otoge I got for the Switch was based on your review (CxM) and my playthrough wouldn't have been as enjoyable if it wasn't for your walkthroughs! I always follow your recommended routes since I personally find it best to have the most spoilers at the end. Again, thank you and I look forward to more of your walkthroughs!

Hello AtomiccLiz! Thank you so much for your support  & for these quality catnips! 🐱 I'm so happy to hear my walkthroughs were able to help you 100% a game and that you trust my recommended route orders! I appreciate your kind words tysm! Stay warm and safe! ❤️ ❤️ 

Lieve bought 5 catnips.

Thank you so much for taking the time to provide these walkthroughs. They've helped me enjoy the stories to their fullest without the anxiety of choosing a path towards an unhappy ending.

Hi, Lieve~❤️  Thank you so much for your support! I'm so glad you found my walkthroughs helpful throughout your gameplay! Take care! Stay warm and safe!😘 

Fuchs Nicole
Fuchs Nicole bought a catnip.

Hi Fuchs Nicole! Thank you so much for your support! Stay well and safe! Take care! <3