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Hi! It's otumlee.

I'm a self-taught artist / creative based in Leeds.

I believe that honest and open conversation about mental health and our psychology in general is necessary in combatting the stigma which excludes so many. Silence discriminates.

I'm most active on Instagram. My DMs are open to all so feel free to contact me on there, or by email via [email protected]

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Personal 'blog-like' posts where I get more personal and share my thoughts, insights or struggles, exciting news and the like in a long-ish format email. I've had good feedback on these and supporters have said they enjoy reading my writing.

Is it fair to put these 'behind a paywall'? I believe it's a fair exchange, and the feedback speaks for itself. These posts are honest, take time and effort to make, and I make sure to give something of value, something that people can look forward to receiving.

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