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I am the developer behind Open Access Helper, Wayback, TabCount & Spesensatz - all for macOS / iOS

I provide all my apps free of charge on the App Store, but if you wanted to buy me a cup of tea, I'd very much appreciate it. It is totally voluntary, of course!
Casper Andersson
Casper Andersson bought 2 teas.

Thanks for the do not allow more tabs feature in Tab Count, now I can finally work more focused without the never ending tab clutter. Vielen danke!

Thank you for the great idea and the skins and generous feedback that helped shape the feature. It‘s submitted to Apple, so hoping it‘ll be out soon

Daniel bought a tea.

Long searched - now found. Great, thank you very much!

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Thanks for writing this extention!

Someone bought a tea.
@2locken bought a tea.

Greetings from Switzerland. I am very happy you are still doing good stuff for us! Enjoy you're coffee