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Hey there! My name is Thomas and I'm the creator of Out and Across, the outdoor adventure and travel blog. 

I personally plan several hiking and camping trips each year, have spent seven seasons as a canoe instructor at summer camp, and have travelled to 13 countries and counting. I'm a huge advocate for spending time in nature and trying new things, but sometimes limited time, energy, and resources creates a barrier.

That's where Out and Across comes in.

Out and Across helps people have more adventure in their life, fostering comfort, confidence, and connection in the great outdoors. And, to be honest, it's keeping me motivated to plan and experience new things, too.

When I can't be on the go, sharing past experiences is the next best thing. I offer all of my content for free to help you find ideas and inspiration. Keeping the blog going requires a lot of late nights and coffee, though.

So if you'd like to support me and Out and Across, please consider buying a coffee!

Thanks so much. See you out there!