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Hey there! My name is Thomas and I'm the creator of Out and Across, an outdoor adventure and travel blog. 

Why did I create the blog? I plan multiple hiking, camping, paddling, and (recently) backpacking trips each year. I've also worked 7 seasons as a canoe instructor at summer camp, and have travelled to 13 countries and counting through my work in international development. I believe we could all benefit from spending more time in nature, and new experiences and connections — near and far — are often better than we expect. Sometimes we just don't know where to start.

That's where Out and Across comes in!

So what's it all about? Out and Across is about sharing knowledge and building on our passion for sustainable adventure. I'm constantly learning new things and want to help others learn and grow, too. Through detailed trip reports, personally-tested experiences, and thoughtful reflections, this blog helps folks spend time in the great outdoors. To be honest, it's also keeping me motivated to plan adventures, too!

How can I get involved? All of my content is freely available at I cover the bills and invest my time and skills to share ideas and helpful information. I really enjoy what I'm doing, though the blog requires numerous late nights and cups of coffee (!). I work full-time and do this on the side.

So, do you enjoy time outdoors? Would you like to help more people get out there? Consider supporting Out and Across to grow as an everyday resource for you and others. Buy a coffee and help more people get outdoors in a safe and sustainable way.

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Thanks so much. See you out there!