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Guardian of an Intent | Working with growth-minded mature product teams for the right investments in design-driven culture that helps deliver products sell, scale, and grow.

I am the founder organizer of Outcome programs and events, including the annual conference Outcome, in Chandigarh.

I organized my own first meetup in 2008, and then a tech conference in 2013, but Chandigarh for a tech-culture has been pretty average. Since 2018, I started Outcome conference and for the year 2020, a series of focused programs are planned as:

The UX Conference Program

Jan 18, 2020

I am running a few product UX design programs in Chandigarh, and all the programs are self-funded. The annual conference is set up for 08 Feb and the program boasts of an exciting line of speakers, check out 

I look forward to your support in running the show!

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