Buy peter & Dolores a tree


Hello, and welcome to this page! 

We are Peter and Dolores. We've decided to create this page for people who would like to support us in our plight to plant 1000 trees (starting number). As we love the great outdoors, we love to look after nature. And with this project, we would like to plant 1000 native trees on our land in the North West of Ireland.

On our website, we talk about our global adventures, we write travel guides, test products (outdoor gear) and talk about our adventures in the great outdoors.
And it is our love for the great outdoors which has made us launch our website in the first place. Our plan is to introduce many native species to our land and track what we have planted on our website. But that is not all, we are also introducing native black bees this year, and we will write about our adventure as a beekeeper in the coming months.

Our plan is that with every €5, we be able to buy at least one native tree. We will plant the tree, upload the tree to our website and add an electronic nametag with your name . 

Our overall goal is to create a sanctuary for wildlife and bees.

Where Peter was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium , Dolores is from Sligo in Ireland.
Nowadays, both of us call County Sligo our home. That being said, we love to travel as much as we can. And when we can't travel, you will find us more than likely in the great outdoors around the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland.
Both environmental scientists, we are passionate about sustainability .While juggling a 9 to 5 job while squeezing in as many adventures as possible during our time-off doesn't come easy, but practice makes perfect. And with 8 years of experience, we have mastered utilizing our time-off from work to its full potential. From going on micro-adventures to pushing our boundaries on multiple week adventures, around every corner is a new adventure. Through outdoorfitnesssligo, we would like to show that you don't have to leave your job to become a full-time blogger and travel the world. Whether you are new to travel or a well-seasoned globetrotter, we love to share our adventures and travel advice with you.