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The Little One is in the house!!

Dec 28, 2021

Just had to bring the little one into the house. A red tabby male showed up today and was following her everywhere and trying to get up behind her. She was having none of it but seemed a little confused as to what he wanted. Rather than have her end up pregnant from this one I got her to come in the house. She has been letting me pick her up and pet her for the last three days. I posted a pic of her in the carrier on my Instagram. Now I have to figure out how to isolate her from The Doctor, who does not know she is in the house yet, because I cannot get the little one to the vet right now. It will be $250 for her to have all the tests, shots, and flea medicine. That does not include getting her spayed. That can be done a little later at a clinic a few towns away but they do not do basic vet visits. Just spaying and neutering.

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