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I do research and make video podcasts that deal with the mortal life and the afterlife.

The overwatch project is about investigating reality, without the biases and manipulations that come from established sciences and religions. 

 I look at all the information I have and try to come to conclusions that make sense without contradictions without using cognitive dissonance. 

 My hypothesis is that the earth material realm and the earth immediate spirit realms (AKA astral planes) is part of a reincarnation soul farm that behaves very similar to a video game. The game of life can be addicting and has no learning potential for souls that reincarnate here with repeated amnesia. Some souls have reincarnated here many times, possibly thousands of life times. 

 The answer to the mystery of life and the afterlife is to study this for yourself. Embrace your true individuality. Realize that there is no external authority that controls you. Authority on the earth material plane is actually coercion and force. In the spirit realm, only your earthly baggage can fuel the illusion that you can be controlled there or contained here. 

 Purge all the brainwashing and programming that binds you here. There are realms out there that will not trick you into agreeing to enslave yourself. Study all you can while you have time in this incarnation. 

After your earthly avatar releases you. Create your own private protective void or pocket universe, regain your complete mind and identity, use your intentions to gather all the information you want about everything unrestricted. 

 Then travel to wherever you want simply by using intentions to go to better realms without amnesia or surrendering yourself to a slave system. 

 Never be tricked again! Be Free and ascend to a higher existence with your true and complete self.

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