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A Nigerian Dyslogy

Jun 11, 2023


Nigeria's problems are deep as the earths crust. The only way change can happen is through a deep uprooting of the current system. An uproot and a new season of sowing new seeds.

I look at my home country with eyes of foreigner sometimes and I feel hopelessness. Most of all, I feel deep sadness.

I was born into a country with a promising future, but now?


Maybe it still is promising. They say you have to die to be born as something new and more beautiful.

Like flowers. Like the butterfly. Could Nigeria be in a cocoon?

But these days, I have such little hope left. Imagine the world where fuel is sold for 600 naira per litre as opposed to 60 naira 10 years ago.

A world where we are the origin of the same oil fuel is gotten from.

"I've never *** this country more than I do now and that's improbable."

I said that at a Pos payment point the other day; about to withdraw the sum of 5,000 naira with a charge of 2,000 naira early this year.

Three years ago we were barely surviving, and we were sure as hell that if it got any worse we would all die.

It got worse. It keeps getting worse. I've never been more afraid for my people than I am now.

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