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To Victims of Sexual Abuse: Steps To Take In Case of Sexual Abuse/Assualt

Oct 01, 2022

1. DO NOT shower or clean up yourself. This is needed for test and evidence. We understand the urge to clean yourself , however, evidence is needed to get the justice you seek. If perhaps you do shower, kindly still go to hospital for treatment.

Note: Do not eat or brush your teeth especially if oral sex took place, do not cut your nails especially if there was struggle during the ordeal, some DNA evidence could be found through these.

2. Go to the nearest hospital that offers Gender Based Violence (GBV) facilities.

Government Hospitals and dispensaries often have GBV centres.

Note that Post Rape Care in GBV facilities should be free.

3. Take the clothes you were in with you to the hospital.

Clothes contain evidence that's crucial to the case. Keep them in a paper bag separately and hand them over.

4. As long as you report at the GBV centre for treatment before the 72hrs windows, you will be tested for

a. HIV

b. STDs

c. Pregnancy for females

5. You will be given the following medications:

a. PEP for one month after exposure if you are within the one month window.

b. STI prophylaxis if exposed.

c. Emergency contraception for females.

d. Hepatitis B injection administered twice.

6. Trauma counselling should be available at the GBV centre.

To report a case of sexual assault/rape in Bayelsa, kindly reach out to OVI .organization on 08149999391.

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