A couple of days ago I came across the phenomenon called zines. Seeing as how I've been trying to reconnect with my creative authenticity recently, this feels right up my alley! Needless to say, I dove headfirst into "the YouTubes" and what I saw made me so very happy!

The love, appreciation, and enthusiasm of the art scene I came across is so uplifting and addictive, I'm IN! Exploring all the videos, browsing around the internet, searching through Etsy (and buying my first zines, I'll tell you about them later..), it is such a breath of fresh air.

If you've read my previous post you know I was feeling fatigued with social media, the way it directed, and ultimately numbed my creativity, chipped away at time that I could have spent in better, constructive, ways.

In zines, I'm finding a different way of connecting to the world. The huge bonus to me is that I have so many different ways of expressing my creativity (seriously, think of a medium and I have probably used it, or at least tried it out..) that I can now mesh together unapologetically and confidently. I can throw away my perfectionism and just art, whatever I feel like. And that is freaking liberating!

Now what?

Well, I already started creating! I have a running list with topics in my bullet journal, growing daily, and I've started working on two topics, one is about lavender (yes the plant...) and will probably be made into an A6 size zine, the other is on moon magic, a continuation of a topic I made more works on recently, and I want to make that a folded one sheet mini zine. How cool is that?!

I will keep you posted on my journey into this new world of zines of course, so keep checking this space.

Lots of love,