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Hey 👋 thanks for supporting OWLLytics! We're here to help you build your best business & crush your productivity! 

Our goal is very simple, we want to help you make better business decisions with the use of data

Yep, that is it.  Pretty simple we know.

We focus on three (sometimes 4) main areas to help you understand your business and the are:

🏭 Operation Insight- Running a business smoothly is a core component of growth. We will identify inefficiencies in your day-to-day business operations, evaluate how much time and money these inefficiencies are costing, and then create a strategic plan to solve those problems so the business can move forward.

💸 Sales Insight- We always approach sales with an end goal of increasing overall profit margin. To achieve this goal, we will research areas of your business where costs can be reduced and tactical changes can be made to increase revenue.

💰Marketing Insight- Because marketing is often the most expensive and time-consuming aspect of business, we will evaluate your web analytics, ad spend, and other key factors to identify where your time and money will be the most effective.

And Sometimes

⏱️ Work-Life- This is important in that we all have love ones that we want to spend most of our time with.  But it is easy to get lost in work.  And it is to justify that by telling yourself "I am providing for my family".  Don't forget that your family needs time with you, not just your paycheck.

Our page is where you can find most of our tools explained in our youtube channel and blog.  When you purchase or buy our coffee, YOU are supporting keeping this mission up and running.

Thank you!!

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