So it turns out people hire professional website designers for a reason: building a website is hard. It's hard, y'all. It's HARD.

Now, this is not my first go-round, and neither is it Katie's. I built my author website something like a decade ago and have been maintaining it ever since. And Katie has built websites for book review and podcasting stuff before. But there's something different about building a business website from the ground up—with fancy stuff like a store and product pages and an FAQ. Maybe it's that we both have so much more skin in the game now, or that this time we really have to get it right (not that we got it "wrong" before), but the pressure is definitely higher, everything costs more, and I'm spending my days lately reading "How to" guides over on our website builder until my eyes turn bleary (really. I had to switch out my contacts for my glasses today. Or maybe I just really need old lady glasses.)

At any rate, the website is coming together in glacial slides and sudden bursts of victory. I'll leap at working on design any day, but figuring out how to set up our online store makes me want to shove the whole project off on a web contractor. There are other ways and places we can use our start-up money, though, so while Katie works on book edits this week, I will keep chipping away at the website until it is ready for company launch.