Busy Week, Much Excite, Very Amaze

Busy Week, Much Excite, Very Amaze

Jan 11, 2022

Hello, lovely supporters and members! We are continuously thankful for you! Your financial support and just the fact that you are here mean the world to us as we continue full-tilt toward Owl's Nest Launch Day (Ahhhh!).

Where are we at with THINGS?

Well, the first paperback proof of SON OF THE DEEP arrived on Saturday, only a day late. (All the Praise Hands!) But we have our pesky "no work on the weekends" (unless it's an absolute emergency) stance, so I admired the book, but put it aside and did not start on final red-pen proofing.

I would have loved to take out my red pen today, but Katie and I have a weekly Monday Meeting to manage, and we had a lot to talk about today... Things I can't fully reveal here because they haven't gone live on our website yet, but it's all going to be very good for us! And it's the sort of week that makes me wonder how on earth we're going to get everything done, but that's part of what our upcoming news will be about. (Woo Hoo!)

So Katie and I met, and then we had another meeting with someone, and then I had to go and do some author work unrelated to the publishing house (yes, that exists—over ten years of being an author doesn't disappear because I'm co-founding a publishing house!), and Katie had a meeting with the contractor who is working on her house.

And... I blinked, and it was time to pick up my kids. Mompreneurship is a whole mess of time management, I tell ya.

So Katie and I are both burning the candle a little late this evening finishing up a few things that got bumped because of (exciting!) meetings and life. And this has to be a short update because everything else is so crazy, but our members will want to stay tuned because we will have big news coming up later this weeeek!

~ Karin

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