A week after SON OF THE DEEP launch day, and we are...

Back to the grindstone. Well, we never left the grindstone, but the point is that our big marketing push to launch our first book is over its first hurdle, and that means we are settling back in and catching up on some of the main work of running the publishing house. For me, that means handling submissions.

Logging queries as they come in is exciting work. That's the first glance through what potential authors have sent—the first inkling that a project might be a good fit for publishing at Owl's Nest. But we have so many submissions waiting on deck, that I haven't been able to do much more than glance and skim (and send receipt confirmations) to most of them.

But I have slowly been reading, and the best submissions get passed along to the whole team for input. The best of the best? We request to see more.

It is good to have more submissions than we expected to receive; we'd rather have too much interest in Owl's Nest than not enough. And we are amazed at the talent we're seeing in some of these submissions. We are confident that we have several future Owl's Nest authors waiting in our submissions folder, already, at only two months (less than that, even) into full operations.

And my week this week, now that the book launch is done—aside from basic operational things and a large internal project—is dedicated to catching up on submissions. I say "catching up," even though I'm still well within our Owl's Nest query response window because I have been a querying author, and I know how difficult it is to sit and wait.

If you're still waiting for a response from us, please know that it is coming. The Owl's Nest is definitely open for business, and business is buzzing! Or, perhaps, I should say hooting.

~ Karin