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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!

What is ? is a free file sharing platform that respect users privacy. There is no limit, everything is free.

We are working hard to Give you guys Game Hacks , triner and Cheats for Free.
We Giving Free stuff for Members Only. Click on Membership to view the latest Files,games,cheats,hacks,triners and more.
It only cost £5 to become a member for the entire month. You'll Have access to 1000's of files and new Files Uploaded daily.

Operating Costs
The infrastructure costs for is very high.
I have to pay dozens of servers, dozens of terabytes of data, a bandwidth capacity of several dozen GBPS. I pay these costs on my own, which is why I need all the help from the community to make this infrastructure more stable and powerful.
Thank you.

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LoVe MoDz <3

Hi, thanks for your Support. Please also Download new File Added to our database below: Download Roached Up GDIP ColorAimbot (Release) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Features: Rapid Fire Recoil Control Crosshair AimAssist TriggerBot Thanks, oxkos team.

Ian Kong
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Hi, thank you for becoming a member and thank you for visiting our website If there is anything we can help you with please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

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Hello, if you're having issues with downloading any type of file let us know we'll be happy to help and reply to your request, thank you. Click on Posts at the TOP then choose category that matches your request and find the file to Download, that's it!

hey when i download the cold war hack it seems that when i open it its corrupt, also your Garry's mod doesn't take you to a download it just says 404 not found 

Please download your files from thr following links Let me know if hose files works for you. In the mean time working to get you more links to download more files.Becoming a member you'll have access to many more files daily. Thank you.

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Hi, thanks for becoming a member, now you can click on Posts and you'll have full access to all file and folders. Unlimited Download for FREE. We update this page nearly every day so you should be able to find more posts that may interest you. Thank you very much.

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Welcome and thank you for your support! let me know if you need anything!, You may click on Membership to view the latest files Uploaded, also click on categories that you are interested in to view files saved at that category! Any question you may have, please feel free to Contact us. view our website: thank you.