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Download Renny's Basic Cold War Zombies ...

Download Renny's Basic Cold War Zombies Tool

Jan 09, 2021

Renny's Basic Cold War Zombies Tool

Hey all, I've been a user here for all these years yet I've never made a post, so why not start off with a release!
I bring you a C#-based Black Ops Cold War Zombies Tool that I spent the last day or so learning how to make and then creating it. It may not be the best or the most efficiently coded but I hope that the features I've included may be worth the free download.
Do let me know if any of you encounter issues or any problems with this tool, and feel free to suggest any other additions that I could add to it.
Massive thanks to user JayKoZa2015, without their posts containing various offsets I don't think I could've made this tool!
Current features of the tool:

  • God Mode

  • Infinite Essence (Permanently set to 100k)

  • Freeze Ammo (i.e. locks all ammo to 20, as I think weapons such as the D.I.E. machine refuse to work in their alt mode with too much ammo)

  • 1HP Zombies

  • Infrared Mode

  • TP Zombies to cursor (with adjustable range)

  • Player Speed modifier

  • Zombies remaining counter

  • XP Modifiers

Download Renny's Basic Cold War Trainer v1.1.2


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